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Denny is an award-winning golf instructor with P.G.A. specialty certification in the area of player instruction. He works with golfers of all ages and skill levels and has an inherent ability to teach, coach, and mentor players with an approach that is fun, comfortable, and friendly. He personally cares about his student’s goals whether they are just beginning, trying to make the tour, going for that college scholarship, or simply trying to improve for the ladies league.

Denny’s teaching makes learning fun with a common sense approach to the game for kids, ladies, and men.

He also has experience working with the blind and mentally challenged.

He teaches individual lessons, group lessons, beginner clinic’s, couples, as well as on-course playing lessons, all including a good mental approach to the game.

“Everyone has a golf swing”….. “It is my pleasure and my challenge to help everyone I work with reach their fullest potential with what they have, and to learn how to get the most enjoyment possible out of the great game of golf”

General Lesson Pricing

Lesson’s generally run 45 minutes for adults, and 30 minutes for youngsters give or take.

Clinics and group lessons will vary depending upon age, size of the class, type of clinic, etc.

Individual Lesson’s

Adults – $50.00/45 minute session                    Series of 5/45 minutes sessions – $200 (Save $50)

Youth 12 & under – $35.00/30 minute session     Series of 5/30 minute sessions – $150 (Save $25)

Group Lesson’s – Couple’s Lesson’s

1st person $50/2nd student ½ price – $75 per hour for 2 students   Series of 5/ 1 Hr. for 2 students $300 (Save $75)

Group’s 3-5 students $20 each 1 session.  3-5 students for 5 sessions $75 per student (Save $25 each student)

Larger group’s of more than 5 students please contact Denny.

Short game sessions and on course playing instruction happens at Hickory Sticks G.C.

Swing and long game sessions happen at Ft. Wright Driving Range

“I look forward to introducing the game of golf to beginners, helping others improve and reach their goals, and to having  some fun and enjoyment along the way”